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PK2230 - ZWorld PK2230 Embedded Computer / C-Programmable Controller - PK2200 Series...

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ZWorld PK2230 Embedded Computer / C-Programmable Controller - PK2200 Series 9.216 MHz clock (Board Only, No Enclosure, No LCD, No Keypad). Simple Type: Embedded Controller

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  • 14 high-current digital outputs, suitable for driving relays, solenoids, or lamps.
  • 16 protected digital inputs for detecting contact closures, counting pulses, or detecting voltage input signals.
  • 9.216 MHz clock with 18.432 MHz optional
  • A PLCBus port allows system expansion including relays, A/D converters, D/A converters, UARTs and more.
  • Battery-backed RAM (up to 512K).
  • Battery-backed real-time clock with time and date functions.
  • Compact size: 4" × 5.5" × 1.34"
  • EEPROM (512 byte standard) for storing system information.
  • EPROM (up to 512K) or flash EPROM (up to 256K) for program and nonvolatile data storage.
  • Programmable timers.
  • RS-485 and RS-232 serial ports for external communication and controller networking using links up to several kilometers
  • Switching power supply for reduced power consumption. The PK2200 consumes less than 2 W at 18.432 MHz.
  • Watchdog timer and power-fail detection circuitry for improved system reliability


  • Backup Battery: Yes, internal 3 V DC lithium ion
  • Clock: 9.216 MHz or 18.432 MHz.
  • Digital Inputs: 16 protected, -20 V to +24 V DC
  • Digital Outputs: 14 high-current sinking (500 mA max.) or sourcing (250 mA max.).
  • EEPROM: 512 bytes
  • Flash EPROM: Up to 256K
  • Humidity: 5% to 95%, noncondensing
  • Input Voltage: 9 V to 24 V DC
  • Operating Temp: -40°C to 70°C
  • Processor: Z80180
  • Serial Ports: 2 RS-232 or 1 RS-232 with RTS/CTS and 1 RS-485
  • Serial rate: Up to 115,200 bps
  • SRAM: 32K standard, 512K maximum
  • Time/date clock: Yes
  • Watchdog/Supervisor: Yes



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