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PK2200 - ZWorld PK2200 Embedded Controller. C-Programmable Controller | 18.432 MHz clock...

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ZWorld PK2200 Embedded Controller. C-Programmable Controller | 18.432 MHz clock | 2 × 20 character LCD | 2 × 6 keypad | rugged metal enclosure Simple Type: Embedded Controller

The PK2200 Series of C-programmable controllers is based on the Zilog Z180 microprocessor. The PK2200 includes digital, serial, and high-current switching interfaces. The standard PK2200 includes a rugged enclosure with 2×20 LCD and 2×6 tactile keypad. The PK2200 also has a PLCBus expansion port, allowing you to connect several Z-World expansion boards (such as the XP8100 or XP8300) if you need extra I/O.

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  • Battery-backed real-time clock (RTC).
  • Battery-backed static RAM, up to 512K bytes.
  • EEPROM, 512 bytes standard.
  • EPROM, up to 512K bytes, or flash memory to 256K bytes.
  • Keypad, 2 rows of 6 keys, for a total of 12 keys. PK2240 has 4 rows of 3 keys.
  • LCD. The standard screen has 2 lines of 20 characters. Other displays can be installed, on special order.
  • Lithium backup battery, rated at 165 mA-hours. The RTC and full 512K RAM draw about 16 µA with power disconnected.
  • Power failure warning interrupt.
  • Self-resonating beeper
  • Watchdog timer.


  • Board Size: 4.0? × 5.32? × 0.63?.
  • Enclosure Size: 4.0? × 5.5? × 1.35?.
  • Humidity: 5% to 95% non-condensing.
  • Input Power: 9–36VDC, switching p.s. Draws 40–70 mA.
  • Operating Temp.: –40°C to +70°C. With LCD, 0°C to 50°C.
  • Power Consumption: 1.5W.
  • Processor: Z180. at 18.432 MHz [9.216 MHz optional].



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